Energy Efficiency Watch 4

Your opinion counts! This survey aims to collect opinions about the progress of energy efficiency policies in the EU member states in the last 3 years.

It is carried out in the framework of the H2020 Energy Efficiency Watch project. Learn more about Energy Efficiency Watch:

All answers will be treated confidentially. E-mail addresses are collected at the end of the questionnaire to avoid misuse. Thank you very much for your time and inputs!

1. In general, how do you personally rate the overall ambition of the energy efficiency policies in your country?

overall ambition

2. How do you rank the progress in energy efficiency policies in the last 3 years in your country (new policies introduced, existing ones strengthened)?

Progress in energy efficiency

3. How do you see the improvements in actual implementation in the last 3 years in the following fields?

no progress
some progress
good progress

building renovation

exemplary role of public buildings

availability of finance for energy efficiency investments

functioning of the energy service market (e.g. energy performance contracting)

decreasing fuel poverty

energy efficiency in industry

energy efficiency in transport (including modal shift)

4. How effective are the following policy instruments in your country?

not implemented
partly effective

Energy efficiency requirements for buildings

Energy certification of buildings

Inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems

Financial incentives for energy efficiency investments

Energy audits for companies

Energy efficiency obligations for energy distributors/retailers

Smart metering

Energy taxation

Energy labelling of products

Policies/programmes for local energy planning (e.g. Covenant of Mayors)

5. Independent of energy and climate, in the general public debate in your country (media, politicians), how important are the following topics (not your personal opinion)? Please select the two most and the two least important topics.

2 most important topics
2 least important topics

Loss or creation of jobs

Independence from other countries

Industrial competitiveness and innovation

Air quality

Affordable and healthy housing, cost of living

Rural development

Modernisation and infrastructure investments

International image of your country


6. In the public debate in your country (media, politicians), is energy efficiency linked to the following arguments?

not/sometimes linked
often/very often linked

Loss of jobs

Creation of jobs

Dependence on other countries

Independence from other countries

Increase of industrial competitiveness

Loss of industrial competitiveness

Improved air quality

Decreased air quality

Higher costs of housing and living

Lower costs of housing and living

Good for rural development

Creates disadvantages for rural areas

Generates local investments

Needs costly investments

Increases social inequality

Reduces social inequality

Other aspects:

7. In general, how influential are the following actor groups on politics in your country? And are these groups rather supportive or opposed to the energy transition?

in general, in your country
position on the energy transition
very influential on politics
less influential on politics
rather supportive
rather opposed
not known

Trade Unions

Trade Unions 2

Trade Unions


NGOs 2



Churches 2


Associations of large industry

Associations of large industry 2

Associations of large industry

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce 2

Chambers of Commerce

Farmers Organisations

Farmers Organisations 2

Farmers Organisations

Tabloid press

Tabloid press 2

Tabloid press

Other influential group:

Other influential group 2

Other influential group

8. In the past years, how important have EU targets and directives been for the progress in energy efficiency in your country?

9. How do you see the EU ambition for climate neutrality by 2050?

10. In your opinion, should the following measures be introduced on an European level?


European CO2-tax

A large European energy efficiency fund (giving both grants and loans)

Stricter minimum standards for buildings and appliances

Mandatory implementation of cost-effective measures identified in energy audits in industry


11. At the end, we would kindly ask you to provide us with the following information about yourself:

For which of the following countries did you answer the questions?*

In which of the following sectors do you work?

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